One Dog Design | Website and Brand Marketing Company

We offer companies a fresh perspective. New ideas. Sharp, targeted messaging. A bright new approach to the way you do business. We zero in on your business needs – correspond them to your customer needs and help you implement that magic mix of marketing that gets you where you want to be.

We dig in and learn what is important to you and to your customers then, whether it is  a new or refreshed website, brand identity, brochures, ads, direct mail or any other marketing activity – we do what it takes to get it done.

Implementation is key at One Dog Design. Great ideas alone won’t get you the business you want. Implementation will.


Quality in everything

We love what we do. Our goal is to always produce the best possible product for our customers. We create websites that are simple to use and understand; aim to convert and inform customers and look great doing it.

We strive to know and understand you, your company and product or service so that we can develop the highest quality marketing collateral, print materials or logos.

Working together

While we pride ourselves on working well with all clients, from all areas of business – large and small, we’re not going to lie – we do have some favorite characteristics: Business owners who recognize the need for a fresh perspective, who currently have an outmoded, outdated and under-performing marketing plan or strategy (or none at all), who know they bring quality products or services to their customers but don’t communicate it effectively, who know that change can be painful, difficult – but worth it in the end,who want to grow their business effectively and efficiently.

Does that describe you? Then let’s talk!

Let’s get started!

We have fun getting to know you and consider it part of our unique talent to  elicit information that helps us to create the plan, website or design work that you need.

We’ve been down the agency route, and felt strongly that we were not cut from the same cloth. We thrive on getting results for our clients. We do not thrive in highly structured, meeting-laden, red-tape-wrapped environments. Instead, we help our clients conceive and deliver top quality marketing projects, quickly and affordably.

We understand the demands and quick turnaround facing most marketing professionals. We know that you are frequently subjected to executive whim and faced with producing results for projects with very little lead time. We can help.

One Dog Design will get you the results you need. We eliminate time-consuming and often unnecessary meetings. We will get to know your company, your goals and objectives – and come to you with a plan of action. We make you look good. Get your next project started now.

Get your project started today – call 972.567.2299 or email to start the conversation!