Collateral Damage

Brochures, fact sheets, press kits; you know you need them. Your sales staff, potential employees, investors and media all demand them. Let us help you develop and deliver top quality, professional marketing collateral meet all your needs.

what’s it all about

There are a few standard items that every company should have, regardless of size. We can help you develop and distribute all or some of them:

Company History

Potential investors, employees, and media people should be able to quickly discover the basic facts about your business. You will want to provide a sheet that includes:

  • Date founded
  • Headquarter and branch locations
  • Names/backgrounds of founders, owners and senior management
  • Contact information
  • Mission/value statement

Product Sales Sheets – You should have a fact or sales sheet for each product or service that your company offers. Things to include:

  • Description and function
  • Distinctive features and benefits
  • A comparative study
  • Explanation of quality, reliability and cost


A short biography or background for founding members, senior managers, and each member of the board of directors lends credibility to your company. Bios should include:

  • Education
  • Relevant experience
  • Awards or honors
  • Published works or areas of mention

Press Kit

Whether you are opening a new business or launching a new product or service, you should consider sending out a press kit. Such kits are also handy to promote your business at a trade shows and events. Things to include:

  • Custom Company folder
  • Letter from the Company President
  • Company Fact Sheet
  • Product/Service Sheet
  • Recent Press Releases
  • Any article or publication about your company
  • Business Card
  • Company Background/Mission Statement

One Dog Design can help you design and deliver any number of collateral pieces. From brochures to sales sheets or business cards – we’ve got you covered. Establish your identity today!