Getting started in Social Media

Recognizing the need to join in and engage with your customers is the first step. Not every social media venue is right for your business – we will help you evaluate the myriad of options and help you get started. A quick overview of the most popular social media services follows.



Facebook remains the most popular social media service with about 75% of Americans using it on a regular basis. Facebook is particularly great for small businesses who are looking to advertise and target local users.

Think Facebook for:

  • Hosting events like open houses, in-store sales
  • Targeting local users with ads
  • Engaging with current and prospective customers
  • Integrating social sharing on your website



Twitter is the tool of choice for speaking to the younger crowd. Almost 50% of Millennials use Twitter on a regular basis. Twitter is an outreach platform to interact with customers that they might not have been able to talk to before.

Twitter Is Great For:

  • Interacting with current and prospective customers
  • Answering questions and customer feedback
  • Releasing the latest news regarding your company
  • Using targeted ads with specific users and audiences
  • Integrating social sharing on your website



Google Plus’s SEO value place it high on the list for small businesses. Google is continuing to put more and more resources into their social media platform, and it might be a  good idea for small businesses to do the same.

Google+ Is Great For:

  • Creating/updating your listing on Google Maps and local search results
  • Getting customer reviews to show up in search results
  • Businesses that host local events
  • Targeting local users and businesses



LinkedIn is the most professional social media and networking website. Roughly 40 million Americans currently have a LinkedIn profile. Because of its professional nature, businesses across the country are using the popular social networking site to find new employees and potential customers with their targeted advertising program.

LinkedIn Is Great For:

  • Professional networking
  • Staying in tune with industry information
  • Generating potential new business
  • Providing company information and news
  • Ranking well for your business information in search



Instagram’s audience now reaches 400 million users. With that kind of exposure, you can see why a lot of businesses are taking advantage of this popular photo sharing service. Instagram’s advertising program provides local businesses with more active advertisers than Twitter.

Instagram Is Great For:

  • Sharing pictures and short videos
  • Industries that rely on visual media
  • Sharing your company culture and “behind-the-scenes” insights that may appeal to your customers



With over 50 million active users, Pinterest is a very powerful image-based social media website. If you’re a local or small business whose target audience is mostly made up of women then you should definitely invest in Pinterest.

Pinterest Is Great For:

  • Photography, travel, leisure, and other related industries
  • Sharing Holiday related images
  • Home décor, fashion, arts and crafts
  • Reaching women, moms, and more affluent users
  • Promoting pins to targeted users